Marzorati Law Firm advises its clients concerning the legal protection of their assets before and during a Civil Union (“Unione Civile”). The Law Firm advises its Clients concerning the incorporation of a trust or of a patrimonial fund (“fondo patrimoniale”), also in case of generational handover (“passaggio generazionale”). The Law Firm may draft agreements concerning how to rule LGTB Couples’ life, also in case of registered LGTB couples.

The Italian Law Firm is able to advice both the couple in case of consensual termination of the Civil Union and the partner in cases of divorce judicial proceedings, also concerning only the matters related to legal protection of the assets or alimony.

The Professionals also deal with inheritance law, (e.g. challenge of the validity of a will, violation of an un-disposable share of an estate, revocation of a donation, as well as actions of dissolution or division of the inheritance communion).

The Italian Law Firm also deals with legal action against cases of discrimination, with the purpose of protecting equal treatment as well as removal of damaging behaviours and compensation for damages.

We also advise clients in case of adoptions in Italy.