Marzorati Law Firm regularly advises its national and international clients with reference to draft and negotiate commercial agreements. Law Firm’s legal support may also include all possible ancillary agreements (private agreements, shareholders’ agreements, and so on).

In addition to typical agreements governed by Italian law, Marzorati Law Firm also deals with international contractual drafts arising out of common law systems, which nowadays may be considered as standard terms and conditions in particular during negotiations with multinational or foreign companies.

The Italian Law Firm is often appointed, especially by new clients, in order to amend agreements already in effect, general terms and conditions and draft of agreements. Furthermore, Marzorati Law Firm advices its clients concerning compliance procedures to make existing agreements compliant with news and up-dates regarding the applicable law, e.g. concerning privacy and anti-laundering laws. The Law Firm deals also with drafting models pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, as well as organization, management, and control models.

Marzorati Law Firm also deals with small and medium enterprises (tender agreements, supply agreements, distribution agreements, licence agreements, and so on), with commercial activities and with self-employed professionals (agents, distributors, mediators, artists, architects, engineers, and so on) as well as with employees regardless of their kind of labour agreement. The Law Firm advices its clients / consumers also concerning standard commercial agreements (e.g. rental agreements, sale and purchase agreements, gratuitous bailment agreements, and so on).