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Marzorati Law Firm has been established on 1981 by Avv. Mario Marzorati and since than it has been practising civil law for more than 35 years Read more

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The Professionals of the Law Firm have specific expertise concerning civil law Read more

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The Law Firm is made by Italian qualified Lawyers whose expertise is multi-disciplinary Read more

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In Italy, the consensual divorce is possible also by means of a negotiation assisted by a lawyer

Since 2014 in Italy a procedure has been introduced: the “assisted negotiation”. It is an

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What is the duration of the obligation to child support in Italy? – Legal advice by an Italian qualified lawyer specialized in family law

Duration of the obligation to child support in Italy: parents obliged until the economic self-sufficiency

29 July 2017 Read more >

Debt collection for a foreign company that works with Italian and foreign companies in Italy: an Italian qualified lawyer can collect the debt

A foreign company, which imports products from Italy (import) as well as the foreign company,

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Compensation for damages caused to a house in Italy owned by a foreigner: the protection is bigger if the client is advised by an Italian qualified lawyer

In many cases, in Italy the citizen or the foreign owner (also a foreign company) of a house, or of a flat, a shop, a building or an office, also