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10 June, 2019

Italian law to Buy or Sell a Real Estate/House in Italy – Lawyer in Italy: Italian Law Firm »

In Italy it doesn’t happen quite often to find a negotiation that terminates very quickly with a direct sale of the real estate assets, as usually people prefer to get some pieces of advice by some expert consultants in order to agree upon every matter at stake before the deed … Continue reading

12 December, 2017

Rental agreements entered by and between a foreign owner of the house and a tenant in Italy »

Rental agreements entered by and between a foreign owner of the house and a tenant in Italy: the Italian qualified lawyer can propose the kind of rental agreement more appropriate and compliant to the Italian la   One of the greatest difficulties for a foreign owner of a house (or … Continue reading

22 November, 2017

Declaration of domicile (domiciliazione) in Italy for a foreign lawyer: an Italian qualified lawyer can help the foreign Colleague for fulfilments set forth under Italian law, as well as for evaluations and interpretations pursuant to Italian law »

The foreign lawyer, who has to proceed with an out-of-Court legal proceeding in Italy or with a civil legal proceeding before the competent Italian Court, can request to work together with an Italian qualified lawyer for all the necessary fulfilments set forth under the Italian law, as well as for … Continue reading

15 October, 2017

Compensation for damages caused to a house in Italy owned by a foreigner: the protection is bigger if the client is advised by an Italian qualified lawyer »

In many cases, in Italy the citizen or the foreign owner (also a foreign company) of a house, or of a flat, a shop, a building or an office, also because of the distance, may face serious difficulties to manage possible conflicts arising out of any claims that could be … Continue reading

09 October, 2017

In Italy, tenant does not pay the rent regarding the house in Italy: the collection of debt by the foreign owner – Italian qualified lawyer »

  A foreigner or a citizen or a foreign company, owner of a house or a whole building, could decide to rent a house both for residential purpose (for example, to a family or to a single tenant) and for a commercial purpose, for example like a shop, an office, … Continue reading