Marzorati Law Firm has earned a significant experience concerning consumer rights law and its protection and compensation for damages. The Italian Law Firm also advises its clients concerning legal assistance and consultancy concerning both litigation and out-of-court matters where a consumer has suffered a damage due to a malpractice or to a breach of contract (banks, multinational companies, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, airline companies, hospitals and health institutes, travel agencies, ecommerce sales, and so on).

The Law Firm also advices its clients with reference to protection from unfair advertising and/or unfair competition practices, carried out by companies and which may be aggressive and misleading towards consumers, as well as concerning contractual terms and conditions which may be unfair, unlawful or null and void. Marzorati Law Firm’s lawyers are adequately skilled with respect to legal proceeding concerning warranties and compensation for damages due to product liability (e.g. where products are harmful, flawed or unsafe).