Regarding insurance law, Marzorati law firm has the necessary specific experience to advice both individuals and companies, as well as brokers, agencies and insurance companies.

In particular, concerning individuals and companies, Marzorati law firm is very experienced regarding claims for compensation for damages in all cases of civil liabilities (R.C. e R.C. Auto)

The Italian law firm proposes its legal advice, both for out-of-Court proceeding and for judicial proceeding, about insurance litigation and estimation of damages.

Concerning insurance companies, agencies and brokers, we are able to provide any client with legal advice both about the pre-contractual, contractual and out-of-Court phases of negotiations and about the litigation.

Furthermore, we advise our clients on commercial matters, also in case of negotiations with foreign people where a specific juridical knowledge of the English language is necessary. This kind of expertise is very useful in cases where also foreign people are involved (e.g. in real estate deals with insurance warranties attached thereto) or in case of an accident occurred between two countries.

We also have experience dealing with drafting agreement, general terms and conditions and ancillary agreements, also concerning new insurance services. Finally, we advise our clients also concerning privacy duties and communications about the clients in full force and effect under Italian law, as well as providing each client with the respective compliance duties (e.g. best practices), in order to be always updated about all Italian laws and regulations.