Marzorati Law Firm’s Professionals have a long experience concerning compensation for damages due to accidents occurred in cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks (driver /owner of the vehicle, transported people) or accidents that have involved pedestrians, as well as their relatives or cohabitants. The experience of the Professionals also entails taking care of victims – as well as their relatives – involved in railway accidents, naval accidents (cruise boats, shipping boats and so on) or plane accidents (airplanes, helicopters, “Eli ski” and so on).

The Italian Law Firm also deals with request of compensation addressed to the employer, in cases of accidents that involved also an employee who was injured and therefore had to remain home. Indeed, for any employer there is anyway a compensation for damage in any case the employee has to remain home and the employer must pay to the employee the salary and the respective social contributions, as well as when the employer must hire a new employee also temporarily. The Italian Law Firm also advise any client with respect to the claim for compensation for damages also towards third parties for what paid by the employer, regardless of the accident occurred in Italy or abroad.