31 July, 2017

In Italy, execution of a sentence of payment issued by a Court of a non-European country. Debt collection carried out by an Italian qualified lawyer

A foreign company or a foreigner, that had obtained a favourable sentence in a non-European country (e.g. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, United States of America, South Africa, Switzerland, and so on), may proceed in Italy to obtain the enforcement of the sentence, i.e. to obtain what indicated in the sentence like for example the payment of an amount of money. Our law firm will be able to advise the foreign client and will be able to provide him/her with all necessary pieces of information concerning the fulfilments to achieve in the other country before proceeding in Italy: indeed, a copy of the sentence and an official document (attestato) issued by the other country will be necessary.


The executive sentence is not enough to obtain the payment


The foreigner, who obtained a favourable sentence and would like to obtain what indicated in the sentence, must appoint an Italian qualified lawyer in order to proceed with the executive phase, with the specific purpose of obtaining from the debtor the due payment.

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